General Questions

SLS can only advise and represent currently registered University of Iowa students because we are funded by the University of Iowa Student Government through the Student Activity Fee. However, SLS provides free notary services to students, faculty, and staff.

You can call our office at 319-335-3276 or via email at

Yes. We have two licensed attorneys on staff.

Amanda Elkins received her law degree from the University of Iowa. She has been practicing law since 2010 and has been with SLS since 2014.

Alyssa Pomponio received her law degree from the University of Washington. She has been practicing law since 2013 and has been with SLS since 2020. Both attorneys are in good standing with the Iowa Supreme Court and are members of the Iowa State Bar Association.

Yes. Our staff is bound by the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct just like any other law office. Communication about legal issues in appointment requests, at initial consultations, follow-up meetings, and during client representation is strictly confidential. For more information, visit our confidentiality page.

Yes. SLS is open year-round. This includes fall, winter, spring, and summer break.

No. We are here to advise and educate students as to their legal rights and responsibilities. While we do provide criminal and civil defense services, we also help students who are being mistreated by non-student third parties (e.g. landlords). SLS provides a variety of proactive and preventative legal services including lease and other contract review, living wills, powers of attorney, name changes, protective orders, and notarization of documents.


 Advice and representation is free. We do not represent students until a client agreement has been signed by all parties. Students are still responsible for filing fees and other expenses (ex. subpoenas, expert witnesses)

We believe that legal advice and representation is a basic need. Charging for services is a barrier to students. We strive to provide all University of Iowa students with access to the justice system.

Scope of Our Assistance

Yes. Our office regularly represents University of Iowa students in Johnson County and in appeals to the Iowa Supreme Court. We represent students in a number of areas including: criminal defense, small claims, and divorce.

Yes. SLS is a small office with a wide variety of practice areas. Our attorneys do not specialize in any particular area of law, and may need to refer students to other attorneys. In addition, SLS attorneys only practice law in the state of Iowa.

No. We cannot give you legal advice if it would adversely affect another University of Iowa student. We offer free mediation services if all students involved would like to come in to discuss the situation. Additionally, we also have an attorney referral list.

No. While SLS attorneys do not represent the University of Iowa, they do not advise or represent students in claims involving the University of Iowa. If you have a dispute with the University of Iowa, you can contact the University of Iowa Ombudsperson or talk to a private attorney.

We can only speak to parents if a student has given us express authorization. Students are not required to give us that authorization.


Yes. SLS attorneys regularly provide educational programming to student groups and University departments on a variety of issues including tenants’ rights, police interactions, and criminal law. Click here to request a presentation.