Student Legal Services advises students on criminal matters from traffic tickets to low-level felonies.

If you are cited or arrested for a criminal offense, we strongly recommend that you enter a plea of not guilty and consult with an attorney before proceeding. Please be aware that you have a right to plead not guilty even if you believe that you are guilty or if you are in jail. Paying a fine for something like a speeding ticket or a PAULA is equivalent to a guilty plea.

You have the right to counsel in all criminal cases. If you cannot afford counsel, and you are facing jail time, you have the right to request court-appointed counsel. In all cases, you have the right to hire an attorney of your choosing.

The information below is accurate to the authors’ knowledge at the time it was written. This is general information and is not a substitute for legal advice.

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Police Encounters

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Fake IDs

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Deferred Judgment

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Paying Your Fines

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