At Student Legal Services, we offer the following appointments: legal consultations and advice, notary services, immigration consultation, mediation appointments, and educational presentations.

About SLS appointments

  • Consultations are free.
  • Services and communications are confidential.
  • SLS is staffed by licensed attorneys.
  • SLS staff is non-judgmental.
  • Consultations are either in person or via Zoom.
  • Complete the pre-appointment intake form online.
  • Submit documentation related to your matter (e.g. lease, ticket, e-mails, pictures) to before your appointment so SLS staff can review it.
  • Appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes.
  • SLS staff may provide resources and referrals before or after your appointment.

Request a consultation appointment

Request a consultation with SLS staff by writing to

Include the following in your message:

  • Description of your legal issue
  • Include your student ID number

Notary services

Student Legal Services offers free notary services to students, faculty, and staff. Please include a copy of the document you would like notarized with your request. SLS only provides in-person notary services.

Request a notary appointment

You can request a notary appointment by emailing us at or by filling out the appointment request form below.

Notary Appointment Request Form

Immigration consultation

At this time, Student Legal Services attorneys practice limited immigration law. In situations where it is appropriate, SLS will refer University of Iowa students to a local immigration attorney for an initial consultation and will pay for that consultation. SLS will not pay for subsequent appointments or representation.

Request an immigration consultation

You can request an appointment by emailing us at Please briefly describe your legal issue and include your student ID number.

Mediation services

Student Legal Services offers free and confidential mediation appointments to help students resolve disputes with other students. Mediation is a good option when students are having trouble communicating with each other or coming to a decision about a certain issue. Participating in mediation may stop a concern from escalating to the point of harming relationships or leading to severe legal and/or financial consequences.

Mediation at SLS is voluntary and all parties must agree to be present and participate. Each student will have an opportunity to explain the situation from their perspective and express their needs and interests. An attorney from SLS will act as an impartial mediator to help facilitate the conversation, explain the law (as needed), and help the students resolve their issues.

Request a mediation appointment

You can request a mediation appointment by emailing us at Please briefly describe your legal issue and include your student ID number.

Areas of practice

SLS is a general practice law firm. Our attorneys only practice in Iowa and do not specialize is any particular area. You can find areas we do work with on this page