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Warning: Before you pay a fine, be aware that by paying a fine in a case where you haven't entered a plea, you are pleading guilty. If you are not certain whether you want to plead guilty, contact Student Legal Services or another attorney. 

Online payment

  1. Go to the Iowa Judicial Branch website
  2. On the top toolbar, find "How do I..." and select "pay a fine"
  3. Click "Pay Fines Online."
  4. Select your case type (traffic ticket, simple/criminal, civil infractions), county, and type in your name or case number.
  5. Click on the recaptcha box, then click search.
  6. Click on your case.
  7. Follow the prompts.

Other payment options 

You can also pay a fine by visiting or calling the Clerk of Court's office

If you have any questions, contact the Clerk of Court or Student Legal Services.

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