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As you move in to your new rental unit, there are several important things you should do to protect your rights.

  • If your unit is not ready on move-in day or is not in the expected condition, notify the landlord immediately and contact SLS. You may have grounds to terminate your lease but only if you meet certain deadlines and follow proper procedure.
  • Before moving your belongings in, you should walk through the entire unit and document the condition, including uncleanliness, damage, and cosmetic defects.
  • Fill out a move-in checklist and provide a copy to your landlord as soon as possible. If your landlord does not provide a checklist, you can use this sample. Your landlord may not save the list, so keep a copy for your records.
  • Take photographs/video of the unit with a date stamp. Store photographs and videos in multiple locations and share them with your roommates.

Note: The checklist and pictures are not used to request repairs. Instead, they may be helpful in a security deposit dispute.

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